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Gummee Glove Teething Mitten 6m+ Teething Stage 3 & 4


The Gummee Glove is a mitten for teething babies to wear, to help soothe themselves. The mitten can be adjusted to fit baby's hand, with a velcro closure at the wrist.

The Gummee Glove features a heart-shaped silicone teething ring, side teethers and a crinkle patch, and is made from padded cotton, for comfort as well as to absorb baby's saliva.

The Gummee Glove PLUS is designed for teething babies from 6 to 14 months, who are more avid chewers. The cuff has been lengthened and the silicone side teethers are thicker and larger. 

  • Designed to fit babies from 6-14 months